Beaches of Prvić island

Along the 8 km long coastline, on the Island Prvić there are beautiful beaches ideal for the perfect holiday. You can enjoy the shallow sandy beaches with your children or seclude in romantic rocky and pebble coves that stretch along the south side of the island. All the beaches are equally reachable and enchanting.

If you own or rent a boat, a selection of beautiful bays and beaches on the islands around Prvic is such that you will not be able to visit them all in 10 years of summer holidays in this beautiful archipelago.

And also, you can freely swim on many locations in the villages, either to simply jump from the village's waterfront and refresh yourself togehter with the local kids, or to swim on one of the "private" beaches in front of someone's house. No one will blame you for taking a bath in the maritime domain, you can eventually become better acquainted with neighbors, and you'll easily find a comfortable spot in the shade for a midday coffee, lunch or other refreshments.

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