Island of Prvić

Prvic Island is located in Croatia in the Sibenik archipelago. Covered by Mediterranean maquis, olive groves and vineyards with picturesque quiet bays, it is the ideal vacation spot for turists in search for peaceful holiday. Located between the coatal cities of Vodice and Sibenik, the Island holds two beautiful mediterranean villages, Prvic Luka and Sepurine. Both villages are protected as cultural heritage by the Croatian Ministry of Culture. Almost invisible from mainland, they have preserved their peace and original, native appearance for generations. Observed from sea, the island reveals its secluded and tranquil bays, very attractive to those traveling by sea.

From mainland (Srima) it is away for a bit more than half a mile. Surface area of the Island is 2,37 km2. It is about 3,1 km long, from cape Sv. Luce to cape Sv. Ante, and it is the widest in the middle, about 1,35 km. Length of its coast is 8 km. Northernmost point is cape Sv. Luce, and southernmost cape Prvić. The highest peak is Vitković (79m).

Once upon a time, the time has stoped on the Island. It has been absorbed by stones from old houses, balmy pine trees in the hills, gray olive-groves, fig trees, and cliffs in which sea engraves magnificant scenes of hard fishermen life for centuries. They all visper amazing stories, one just has to stop and listen to the sound of branches when the wind comes.

 Scenes of the sea's glorious power are engraved too. Power to tie a man to a small peace of hard land, to show him that all beauty in the world comes from his doorstep, from within himself, if he only looks at width and depth around him.

Every year, a ship pases now and then, a seagull flies up now and then, and occasionally there come a few tourists in skimpy bikiny, and then everything calms down. Village boys take the trash away, and it seems like nothing has happened. However, it happened just about enough to make people live through upcomming winter. Next summer will repeat it all over again.

Some understand it and never leave. Some understand it and come back again. And some, they come once and try never to wake up from the most beautiful dream they have ever dreamed. They stay forever, at least with a peace of their hart, trapped for the whole life.

Text from Prvic Luka web pages: "The Friends of Prvic"

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