Closest larger city is Šibenik, just 10 minutes from Vodice by car, or half hour boat ride from the island.

Sibenik, the ancient Croatian town carved in stone, is only 11 km away from Prvic (40 minutes long ride by regular ferry line).

Feel the magic and listen to its palaces, the churches, the town squares, and the little streets. They will start telling their stories...

If you come from the sea, you will enter the Sibenik Bay through the Channel of St. Anna. It is protected by the fort of St. Nicholas built in the Late Renaissance style. The town of Sibenik used to be surrounded by walls on the northern and south-eastern sides. Only parts of those walls remain to this day.

At the central town square you can see a masterpiece by architect and sculptor Juraj Dalmatinac – the Cathedral of St. Jacob in Sibenik. The construction of the cathedral lasted, with interruptions, for over a hundred years. The whole erection is built of stone, the roof and the dome as well. It is a recognizable detail of the Sibenik panorama. The wreath of human heads surrounds the walls of the cathedral.

Opposite the cathedral, you will see the city hall, a very nicely constructed Renaissance building erected in 1536. During the Second World War it was completely ruined in bombing. After the war it was restored to its original shape.

Long ago a town prince, representative of the Venetian authorities, had lived in the prince’s palace. Only two wings of the palace still remain. Since 1975, after its adaptation, the Prince’s Palace became the Museum of the town of Sibenik.

The Theatre of Sibenik was built in 1870. At that time, it was the biggest and most beautiful theatre building in Croatia. During the Homeland war, it was damaged by a Chetnik grenade. It was thoroughly restored and officially opened in 2001. The drama group of the Sibenik Theatre performs several premiers a year.

In the summer, Sibenik is the host of the International Children’s Festival, a manifestation that has gathered children from around the world since 1958. Rich drama and music programs, performed by the selected ensembles from Croatia and the world, and art workshops are only some of the events that presented in the framework of this festival.


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