Prvić Luka Village

Prvić Luka is a place on the island of Prvić which is situated in front of the town of Šibenik, and belongs to the Šibenik Archipelago. This small place, inhabited from the 15th century is the home of the famous Faust Vrančić, the world-known constructor of the parachute.

The vicinity of the land on the one hand and the Šibenik islands on the other makes Prvić Luka an attractive summer resort and one of those places for which it is said that they have a "soul".

With its secluded and quiet bay this place has always been a favourite meeting point of yachtsmen during their voyage between the northern and southern Adriatic. The visit to its port surrounded by the beauty of sea and rock, and also an undisturbed tranquility, stays in one's memory for a long while. Also, a quality gastronomic offer in a pleasant ambience guarantees repeated visits.


You will enjoy true Dalmatian delicacies. In other words, fish prepared in every possible way and boiled vegetables ("leso" style). Light, healthy food. The marketplace offers sweet-smelling fruits and vegetables of natural color and taste. The food you will eat in restaurants is delicious. Several taverns offer homemade wine, red and white. After dessert, make sure you order a glass of marašćina, sweet wine made of a particularly tasty sort of grape – marašćina. This sweet wine has been made by a special drying procedure only in Vodice. Anyway, every housewife will tell there is a little marašćina in each fritula and krostula (local pastries).



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